Your benefits for greater energy efficiency

  • Exact positioning ensures precise flow control
  • Complete opening and closing from 100% to 0
    • Ensures 100% utilization of the actuator capacity
    • Ensures that the stated leak rate is achieved.
  • Range from 20 Nm to 60 Nm
    • For the actuator that fits to your application requirements
    • 20 Nm actuator with spring return function is also available
  • Construction – the actuator with linkage is optimized for operation with
  • Butterfly Valves
    • Thus minimum use of space with good accessibility is achieved
  • Two optional isolated auxiliary switches
  • For example for wiring pumps


The actuator is specially developed for use with butterfly valves in the HVAC area. Additionally, Bray Controls many years of experience in the area of industrial applications is brought to bear.

  • BV10000 Butterfly valve DN 25 to DN 200
  • Ballvalves with larger nominal width
  • Further applications for 90° rotary actuators

Technical specifications

  • 230 V AC, as wide range power input and 24 V AC/DC
  • 2-point, 3-point and proportional control
  • Nominal torque in Nm: 20, 40 und 60, as well as 20 Nm for spring return applications
  • Environmental temperatures from -30°C up to 50°C
  • Run-time = 100% ED
  • Protection class IP 54, dust proof and shower proof from all angles
  • Gearbox ratchet on actuators without spring return is standard. It is possible to make adjustment using a screw driver or a 14 mm spanner. The gearbox is self-resetting
  • Halogen free connection cables, separate cable for accessories such as auxiliary switches
  • Optional actuator model with screw terminals
  • All RA actuators have the same type of housing regardless of torque or function

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